New Adidas Line Announced

The latest Adidas rip-off pants are now available in bulk. These pants are fresh as can be. They come in royal blue, black, green, and pink. Throw these on and you’ll instantly become a better athlete. They fit easy on the waist with an elastic band made for fatties. The great part about that is that even if you put on some weight, it will easily fit. This is a powerful benefit that many people underestimate.

We had a customer try these pants at Siena College and it was quite the hit. There was a group of college students in townhouse 24 in Maclosky Square at Siena who were throwing a large party. Prior to the event, the customer, Daven, walked into the party and approached the 2 women sitting on the couch near the door. The happened to be wearing discount clothing as well, although not quite as fancy as this apparel that Daven had. Daven stepped directly in front of them and yelled, “WHOOOOAHHHH”, as he ripped the Adidas pants off of his lower body revealing our fake version of DKNY’s athletic apparel underwear. The women sat there shocked and delighted, snickering to themselves. All we have to say to finish that story is – “hulk smash.”

Needless to say, Daven, received much praise from his fellow roommates and everyone bought rip-off discount pants from Adidas after that. They used it for the entirety of the school year for the gym, hanging out around campus, and lounging at home. One person even wore the athletic apparel to the school formal, but that isn’t recommended based on previous experience.

Testing our Adidas windpants on the field, we noticed an improvement of .2 seconds in wind-resistance sprints and bobsled runs. Subjects also achieved an impressive 5-second boost to the 150 yard dash, a crowd favorite. It goes without saying that these pants are by far the most technologically advanced ones we’ve ever created and we’re excited to see where it takes us in the coming months as we expand into schools across the Northeast.

Youtube’s got a crazy list of Adidas pants that you should be adding to your list here:

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