Talk to Us

There are many ways to contact our team. The first is to use smoke signals since we not often have cell phone reception where we are. This happens to be a great method for connect if you’re out in the woods somewhere.

The second method and less preferable way is email. You can email our team leader Anil at . Anil doesn’t check his emails very often because he doesn’t like reading them. Having a yahoo email for years can lead to a ton of spam, which is what he’s currently receiving. Therefore, he only looks about once a week to see if anyone is writing in. People do write some very interesting commentary, but who has time to read it all.

The third method to get in touch is call our phone at (800) 275-8777. We have a huge dial tone setup where people have to choose whether they want to speak English or Spanish on the phone, then choose from 1,900 categories before you actually speak to an agent. If you do manage to get through, we wish you the best of luck getting the information you need from Anil. He’s a useless slob at best. Thanks for stopping in. Call or email with hilariousness please. Thanks.